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Temperature Classification: High Temperature Piping
MPa Classfication: -0.09~2.5MPa
Standard: ASTM, GB, JIS, DIN
Diameter: Customized

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RANA first choose high performance PTFE powder, form the pipe throgh pushing (squeezing) and molding processing, pipe surface with chemical treatment, and then it is lined into the seamless steel pipe (the outer diameter of the liner is slightly larger than the inner diameter of the steel pipe 1-1.5mm) to form a gap-free tight lining. It is characterized by:
1. Seamless, impact resistance, aging resistance.
2. The axial tensile strength is good.
3. The surface is smooth and any shaped steel parts can be lined.

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Jiangsu China
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Welded Steel Shelf
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Product Parameters

Teel Pipe Lined PTFE for Pipe Fittings
Brand: YIHAO
DN: DN20-DN500, 3/4"~20"
Working Temperature: -20ºC~180ºC
Working Pressure: 0 ~2.5Mpa
Flange: According to HG/T20592-2009)
**According to different requirement standard of HG, GB, JB, ANSI, JIS, BS, DIN are optional, fixed flange ,flexible flange are available.
Medium: Can transport any concentration of strong acid, strong alkali, organic solvent, strong oxidant, toxic and other corrosive medium.

Please note:
1) When the diameter DN ≥ 500mm, it belongs to the equipment category.
2) If it is used under negative pressure, please explain when ordering, and then lining will be carried out according to the negative pressure resistant process.
3) If there is no special requirement for the flange, please refer to the appendix according to the regulations of HG20592-2009.
4) The parameters of the common pipe fittings are shown in the table. Other non-standard parts such as eccentric reducers, different diameter elbows, etc. can be processed according to user requirements.
5) Steel lining F4, F46 glass cylinder mirror pressure <0.3MPa, working conditions pressure ≥ 0.3Mpa, the customer is recommended to use steel-lined PTFE four-way mirror.
6) Steel-lined PTFE molded parts DN ≥ 200, the use temperature <120 ° C, the use pressure -0.02-1.6Mpa, can be specially designed according to customer conditions.

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