Properties of PTFE Films

The PTFE film can reach the DIN4012 fire protection standard B1 level, the melting temperature can reach 200 ℃, and it is not easy to catch fire. Light weight, good ductility, high compressive strength, not easy to tear. Long service life, less than 30 years, a satisfactory raw material for double-layer removable roof structures. Because the PTFE film seals the molecular structure chain by fluorine atoms, its ability to absorb other chemical substances is very weak. In the macro world, the surface of the PTFE film is about 185N/M, the raw material is low, and it is not sticky.

Therefore, PTFE films mainly exhibit good self-cleaning properties and water resistance. Teflon film is the raw material of Teflon-coated glass fiber. PTFE is very malleable in a solid state. The coating needs to be melted and then applied to the fiberglass. The melting temperature is above 400℃, and the coating frequency needs about 10 times. In this link, the glass fiber will turn yellow due to high temperature, and the more frequent the coating, the heavier the color. Therefore, PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene film material has just produced a brown color. However, PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene film material can digest and absorb ultraviolet rays from sunlight.

Teflon film cannot be glued. From the analysis of its physical properties, there are the following important reasons: low surface, large particle size, good chemical stability analysis, highly symmetrical structure of polytetrafluoroethylene film, and low SP value of the solubility parameter of polytetrafluoroethylene film. The surface is low, and the surface support at the critical point is generally not large. The PTFE has a forward interfacial tension of 118 degrees, a rearward interfacial tension of 91 degrees, and an interfacial tension of 104 degrees. All raw materials are large and the interfacial tension is high. The lubrication range is small, i.e. poor adhesion and insufficient adhesive. Wet Teflon plastic film, so there is no good adhesion to Teflon grain size, good analytical chemical stability, teflon swelling and dissolving all than crystalline polymers can not be coated on Teflon plastic film hard polymer macromolecular chains on the surface.

Post time: Aug-01-2022