Import and export of PTFE

Most of the PTFE produced in Our country are general varieties, the quality is not high, belonging to the middle and low-end products. Common high-end PTFE varieties are mainly ultraffine powder PTFE, fusible PTFE, room temperature curing fluorine resin coating, nano PTFE, expanded PTFE, super high molecular weight PTFE and high compression ratio PTFE dispersion resin, etc..

At present, the PTFE sheet, pipe, gaskets and seals with lower-end products such as our country has basic and occupy the market, but in the aspect of high-end products with western developed countries there is still a large gap, such as e – PTFE artificial blood vessels, medical suture and cardiac patches, and other products in our country, there is no large-scale industrialized products, products are mainly used in dependence on imports.

The price is relatively expensive. And our country teflon annual export volume basically stable in 20000 tons above, and import volume in 6000 tons or so. As the low-end market into the white-hot competition, such as the new main bond, walter stake, dongyue group enterprises have begun to layout high capacity to expand the market space.

Post time: Aug-16-2022