Recently, our company ( Jiangsu Yihao Fluorine Plastic Manufacturing Co.,Ltd) carried out the installation of the first phase of the annual production of 100000 tons of high-purity crystalline silicon project of Qinghai Nanbo Risheng New Energy, a Sino foreign joint venture.


After winning the bid for this project, our company actively cooperated with the company of Qinghai Nanbo Risheng New Energy to communicate and arrange relevant production design matters. Our company's engineering department actively improved the drawing design, and sent it to our production department for sampling and inspection. We strictly produced this batch of fluorine lined pipelines in accordance with relevant production process standards. The inner layer of the pipes is made of polytetrafluoroethylene, and the outer layer is made of carbon steel or stainless steel. The selection of these materials strictly comply with national standards to ensure the corrosion resistance and mechanical performance of the pipes. The forming, welding, surface treatment and other processes of pipelines are carried out in order to ensure the quality and stability of the pipelines.

The superior product quality of our company was highly praised and recognized by the clients, and then relevant engineers from our company assisted them in on-site installation of this batch of pipelines. The installation standards for steel lined PTFE pipes also need to be strictly followed. During the installation process of pipelines, it is necessary to operate in accordance with relevant standards, including the connection method of the PTFE lined pipeline, the selection of sealing materials, the requirements of the installation environment, etc., to ensure the stability and sealing of the PTFE lined pipeline after installation.


Our company adheres to the business philosophy of integrity first, quality assurance, and mutually beneficial cooperation. The Integrity management and reputation first are our consistent principles for achieving win-win cooperation. We heartily welcome the chemical industry giants to come and negotiate the cooperation with our company.