PTFE Glyd Ring Rod Seal With ring

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The PTFE cascade ring with height-diameter ratio of 1:2 is improved on the basis of short Raschig ring and Pall ring, and is designed with a tapered flange at one end to reduce the resistance of gas flowing through the bed, Increase throughput and filler strength.
Make the gas-liquid distribution uniform, increase the gas-liquid contact area, and improve the mass transfer efficiency.

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Packing number n/m3 Specific surface area (m2/m3) Void ratio


1 20×20×2 522 110000 267 92.8
2 25×25×2 450 56000 219 93.4
3 38×38×2.5/3 320/360 140000 165 94.6
4 50×50×2.5/3 260/300 6500 113.5 94.9
5 65×65×4/5 330/500 4600 84 94.8
6 76×76×4/5 270/330 1850 73 92.0


1、High separation rate - high throughput, low resistance, high separation efficiency and operational flexibility
2、Low temperature resistance - maintains 5% elongation even when the temperature drops to -196°C
3、Corrosion Resistant - Inert to most chemicals and solvents, resistant to acids, bases, water and organic solvents
4、Weatherability - the best aging life in plastics
5、Harmless - non-toxic to biology


Contact packing gas of reaction towers such as petroleum, chemical, chlor-alkali, coal and other medium and low temperature (60-150 ° C) stripping, absorption, washing towers, CO2 degassing towers, ozone contact reaction towers and other reaction towers and environmental protection industries.

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